Typical drinks from Pátzcuaro and Michoacán

Michoacan has one of the most diverse and vast gastronomic offers in Mexican culture. So much so, that connoisseurs of this subject, consider the state a basic model to understanding the cultural richness of Mexican cuisine. But, what about their drinks? Well, of course this state has it’s famous typical drinks to sweeten your palate and complement your favorite Michoacan dish.

These are some of the best traditional drinks of Michoacan:


Originally from Uruapan Mexico, Charanda is a colorless brandy that comes from the distillation and fermentation of sugar cane. When stored or aged in barrels, this sprit takes on an amber hue. The climate in Michoacan lends itself to a large production of Charanda. Its name translates to mean, "red earth" in the native language, Purépecha. Charanda was named after the hill range in Uruapan, Cerro de la Charanda.


The Mexican drink, Tuba, originally comes from the coconut palm and is a refreshing and nutritious drink. In order to maintain its properties, Tuba is first fermented in earthenware containers where it becomes gains a pure, sweet flavor. It’s worth mentioning that although Tuba is recognized as a traditional Mexican drink, it originally comes from other countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa.


Mezcal is, of course, one of the most famous traditional Mexican drinks in the world. It’s found all over the country, that's why it is said that Mezcal belongs to no one and at the same time, it belongs to everyone. Mezcal produced in Michoacan is characterized by sweet tones and is produced in more than 30 municipalities of the state.


The most famous Rompope in Mexico is the one made in Puebla, Michoacán. It’s made from a base of seeds, almonds and nuts, which is definitely worth trying. The best known Rompope drinks are produced in the Mexican cities of Morelia, Pátzcuaro and Santa Clara del Cobre.

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