4 reasons to fall in love with Pátzcuaro

This colorful Magical Town located just 45 minutes away from Morelia is one of the most traditional places in Mexico, as its people still keeps their manners and traditions strengthening even more its cultural wealth.

Pátzcuaro is undoubtedly one of the must stops in the state of Michoacán, that is why we’ve created a list of 4 reasons that will make you fall in love with this picturesque place.

Its architecture
Fall in love with its charming architecture of colonial style, which is composed by beautiful mansions, big old houses with ample patios of baroque and neoclassic style, as well as cobblestone streets and alleys that will lead you one of its main attractions, the Vasco de Quiroga Square, which has one of the nicest zocalos in Mexico. Besides old town houses and mansions, Pátzcuaro is also known for its churches and centennial buildings; like the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, the College of the Company of Jesus and the Gertrudis Bocanegra Plaza.

Its gastronomy
Travel back in time through the flavors of Patzcuaro. The typical gastronomy of this place will transport you to an ancestral past with dishes prepared with ingredients from the region. To start with a snack, try the charales; following with delicacies like acúmara tamales, which is a typical fish of the zone, there are also tamales made with corn, blackberry or ash; the exquisite Tarascan soup, the churipo, the rotten pot, which is a broth with chicken, beef, pork and vegetables, these as a main course, and to end, as dessert, there are traditional Zamorano chongos, paste ice cream, chocolate of metate and squash candy.

Its craftwork
The magical hands of the artisans of Páztcuaro have shaped beautiful pieces of different material, based on their traditions and beliefs.

The techniques are varied, so as the materials, since there are ones made with mud, wood, metal, stones, textile and vegetal fibers. If you want to find the most beautiful pieces in Pátzcuaro, then you must visit places like La Casa de los Once Patios, the Huitzimengari Palace, the Museum of Art and Popular Industries, the Old College of Saint Nicholas and of course, the Craftwork Market.

Its traditions
Pátzcuaro is known mostly for its traditional Day of the Death celebration, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, who want to know more about and experience this party closely. On the evening of November 1st and 2nd, the areas of Janitzio, Tzintzuntzan and Ihuatzio are filled with pretty offerings that celebrate the death of old and young, covering with flowers of cempasuchil and candles lit every corner of the cemeteries. A beautiful celebration full of color and tradition that is worth living very closely.

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Photo: Ben Olivares