5 must-see stops in Pátzcuaro

If you are one of those who love to travel throughout Mexico, discovering the charm of its picturesque Magical Towns, Pátzcuaro will be definitely a must-see stop in Michoacán state.

That is why, here we share 5 places you will not want to miss while you visit this magical place.

1. Temple and College of the Company of Jesus
This place was built during the 18th century and its architecture is baroque style. Nowadays, it is the House of Culture. It is important to mention that in the state of Michoacán there are more Houses of Culture than municipalities, being one of the entities with more cultural wealth in the country, supporting arts like contemporary painting, music and photography.

2. Handicraft markets
One of the most beautiful forms in which purépecha culture is represented is through its crafts. You will be able to discover the creativity of the hands of the artisans of Michoacan, who are experts in the elaboration of rustic wooden furniture, of colonial and ancient finish. The woven baskets of chuspata, which is a plant that grows on the lake shores, as well as the traditional works in lacquer, a technique developed during the colonial period and one of the greatest heritages of the Purépecha indians is textile work, each garment is a true work of art.

3. Museum of Art and Popular Industries

During the 16th century this place, founded by Vasco de Quiroga, was home of the former San Nicolas College, where the Spaniards prepared for priesthood at the same time they taught the indians to perform different jobs.

Inside of it, you will be able to admire some samples of the work of indigenous artisans around the zone, such as the maque, which is a technique where soil, chia oil and colorings obtained from mealybugs are used, the carved wood and cane paste, which mainly religious figures are made of. You can also observe one of the techniques of pre hispanic origin, the wonderful feather art.

4. Hospitalito

Founded on the 16th century by the franciscans, this temple is the oldest in Pátzcuaro, it is said that this order’s tradition was to found hospitals before having a convent. Its architecture is renaissance style and in its altar there is a beautiful frontal made of golden carved wood.

5. Socorro Díaz Barriga College and El Sagrario Temple
Better known as Josefino College, this place, along with El Sagrario Temple, is perhaps the most emblematic and photographed architectural complex in the city of Pátzcuaro. With virreinal architecture, it has a really beautiful altar which is a unique testimony of baroque style, although the construction has architectural elements from the 18th century and some of the mudejar both in the main door and the entrance arch. The catholic believers from Pátzcuaro, join at this temple every Sunday to hear mass.

Pátzcuaro is a town with such a great historical and cultural wealth, that one visit will not be enough to get to know all the corners and mysteries it holds. If you are planning to visit this magnificent place, book your stay since now in Best Western Plus Posada de Don Vasco. In its warm and comfortable rooms, now Plus category, you will find the perfect place to rest after touring around the most emblematic spots in Pátzcuaro.

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Photo from: Forward Travel