As we are well aware, the planet is going through an unprecedented environmental crisis.

As we are well aware, the planet is going through an unprecedented environmental crisis. Several years ago, environmental groups began raising awareness through campaigns about this issue, however the excessive use of single-use plastics and other materials which are difficult to degrade has not decreased, and they continue to end up in our oceans, lakes and rivers.

It’s refreshing to see more and more places taking strong measures to help reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. Such is the case with the town of Pátzcuaro. Pátzcuaro is one of the most beautiful Pueblos Magicos of Mexico and an irresistible destination worth visiting in Michoacán. Recently its municipal government issued a ban on all forms of single use plastic.

The measure "zero plastics," will be implemented gradually in order to avoid affecting the economy in a negative manner, and to allow time for the people who use plastic products within their life or work to re-adapt. This provision will include: plastic bags, straws, unicel and in general any polymer derived from petroleum created for single use with the end goal being to stop using these products entirely.

Pátzcuaro is the first Magic Town in Mexico to implement a measure of this nature in order to better protect the environment. Of course, as stated by the municipal government, it is a norm that should be strengthened through collective awareness, since government action is nothing without social support. The by-law also seeks to guarantee the right of every person to live in an environment that is suitable for their well-being and development.

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Photo: Panorama Quiroga