The Pueblo Magico, or “Magic Town,” of Pátzcuaro is one of the most charming destinations in Michoacán, and we would dare to say in all of Mexico.

Its charm lies in the antiquity that creates a feeling that time has not passed. Its ancestral traditions can still be observed. Its inhabitants live dressed in traditional garb. Its stoves are cooked with delicacies that have been prepared for generations, and its colonial architecture leads us, with each step, to a past that can still be felt. To all this we must add that the Pueblo Magico of Patzcuaro is nestled in a beautiful natural environment, crowned by the Pátzcuaro Lake and the mystic island of Janitzio. For this, Pátzcuaro is a unique and fascinating destination to visit in Michoacán.

This beautiful Pueblo Magico is an ideal location to visit in summer. As with any travel plan, it’s important to know the weather conditions you could encounter, in order to pack your bags with the right outfits and swimwear.

The Weather in Patzcuaro

The weather in Patzcuaro in summer is beautiful and warm. The maximum temperature is a beautiful 70° F and the minimum is around 55° F. In the afternoon, there may be rain and at night it refreshes a little, but in a very pleasant way.

The weather in Patzcuaro lends itself to dressing lightly during the day, returning to the hotel in the afternoon to enjoy a break, and then put on something a little warmer to go out and enjoy a cool evening.

This summer, escape to Michoacan with the whole family to visit Patzcuaro. We’re sure that you’ll be amazed and amused by its folkloric atmosphere, delicious delicacies and deep-rooted traditions that can be observed on every corner.

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Photo: Expreso Chiapas