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Known as one of Mexico’s folkloric states, Michoacan is home to an array of unique traditions.

In addition to celebrating New Year’s Eve on December 31st, this indigenous town also celebrates the traditional Purepecha New Year on the eve of February 1st. The Purepecha New Year is directly related to the astral calendar - marking the beginning of a new harvest season. Agriculture being the primary source of wealth throughout the centuries in Michoacan.

One of the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations of the Purepechas is the Fire Walk. The Fire Walk takes you on a journey through several cultural villages to see rituals performed that honor the element of fire. These rituals include dances and “pirekuas,” a traditional song named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. 

Although the official Fire Walk celebration takes place in a different community every year, the atmosphere in each of the Purepecha villages remains the same: full of excitement and anticipation of the New Year.

Ring in the 2019 Purepecha New Year in Michoacan!

This year, the town of Cuanajo was chosen to host the Purepecha New Year celebrations. The historical celebration promotes reflection and unity among the Purepecha towns. Intervention by the government, political parties or western religious institutions is strictly prohibited.

The town of Patzcuaro is a fascinating destination to visit if you’re looking to experience the Purepecha New Year in Michoacan. It’s surrounded by traditional Purepecha villages, such as Cuanajo, Tzintzuntzan and Jaracuaro and Patzcuaro serves as a central point in the region, allowing quick access to the numerous indigenous communities. 

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