Blue and white dress the streets and houses of the Magic Town of Patzcuaro, Michoacán, every December 8 to celebrate the Virgin of Health.

Each year, the Virgin is visited by hundreds of faithful believers who arrive from different parts of Mexico and the world to venerate her, ask her or, in some cases, pay her charges.

During this celebration, the assistants see the route of the Virgin in the main arteries of this Michoacan municipality, where all along Iturbe street the artisans make a sawdust mat for the Virgin to make her entrance to the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga.

The Virgin of Health, made from corn paste, was made more than 400 years ago by indigenous people under the instructions of Don Vasco de Quiroga.

If you visit this Michoacán town during November, you will see every Sunday in the streets the traditional mojigangas. And it is that these giant figures of cardboard announce the great celebration of the Virgin of Health of Pátzcuaro throughout the month, so they walk through Patzcuaro and dance with unique movements to the rhythm of the music of a string orchestra to infect the people of the approaching religious and festive spirit; and on the day of the celebration these figures enter the temple of the Basilica of Our Lady of Health to dance in honor of the Virgin.

The mojiganga is an original spectacle of the boxiganga of the 17th century with elements of the autochthonous culture and the medieval theater, which was brought from Spain to Mexico by the Catholic priests. This show is a means of popular expression, which shows joy and, at the same time, criticism, in which ironic figures are used, as well as ridiculous, which contain a message addressed to the government, groups, among others. Currently, these characters are representative at popular festivals in Michoacán, especially in the Pátzcuaro region.

This Magical Town is one of the classic destinations of the state, since being at the foot of a mountain makes its landscapes and lake a perfect combination with the architecture of the place, besides being a destination known for the warmth of its people and its markets full of color, perfect to visit with the whole family.

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Photo: Radiomejor