In Patzcuaro, love enters through the stomach

The cuisine of Michoacán is famous for its particular homemade flavor and its pre-Hispanic recipes cooked from generation to generation. The city of Patzcuaro offers an infinity of dishes based on corn, which we are sure will enchant your palate.

Here we present the most representative dishes of this region. We invite you to visit this beautiful city in the company of your partner and try these Mexican delicacies that will steal your heart.

Let yourself be conquered by the Tarasca Soup, a culinary delight made with tortillas, fresh cheese, fried chili strips and tomato sauce.
Continue with the famous Corundas, a variety of triangular tamales made from corn and served with beans, pork and cream.
Delight your palate with the Churipo, a soup from the Purepecha region, made with red chili sauce and served with beef and vegetables. This delicious broth is served with corundas or tamales of ash.

Fall in love with the Carnitas style Michoacán and the Chicken Placero, which consists of a fried chicken accompanied by enchiladas, potatoes and carrots.
To finish, let yourself be seduced by its incredible desserts such as blackberry tamales, chongos zamoranos, pasta snow and metate chocolate.

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Photo by: PueblosMéxico