Embroidered stories

In the town of Tzintzuntzan in the state of Michoacán, women from the Purépecha region are dedicated to creating unique embroidery around the world. It’s a 100% handmade work consisting of handmade fabrics with images about the festivals and traditions of Michoacán.

Each of these embroideries represents the most representative traditions of this wonderful state such as The Dance of the Old Ones, The Dance of the Iguiris or Woodcutters, The Dance of the Butterflies, as well as the history of the White Fish or the Christmas celebration and the birth of the child Jesus.

For the communities of this region, these colorful embroideries are their source of life. To create these pieces of art they take 8 to 15 days in one embroidery or up to 1 year to create a reboso. Everything is done by hand with fabric made in rustic looms of pedal. In his work we can find cushions, pictures, dolls, dresses, rebosos, and many more handcrafts.

If you want to purchase one of these beautiful items, you can find them at La Casa de los Once Patios in Pátzcuaro. It is worth seeing the beautiful work of these female artists.

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Photo by: Slim Paley