La Morisqueta: a traditional dish from Michoacan

It’s no secret that Mexican cuisine is among one of the world's favorites. Thanks to its enormous variety of dishes, unique flavors, and recipes that fuse the pre-Hispanic past with modern cuisine - it’s considered one of the most diverse cuisines in the world today.

One of the more fascinating things about Mexican cuisine is how it varies between regions. For example, the ingredients, flavors and preparation process of dishes in the North are quite different than those of the South or Central Mexico. Each region offers a completely unique take on traditional delicacies through a surprising array of flavors.

The cuisine from Michoacan stands out among other cuisines of the country thanks to the exquisite local ingredients that it includes, along with the preservation of ancestral preparation processes that are inherited from generation to generation.

La Morisqueta is a great example of a traditional dish from Michoacan, which although simple in preparation, is full of irresistible flavors. The dish is made up of cooked rice served with sauce prepared with tomatoes, onions, garlic and dried tree peppers, and garnished with cubes of cheese - either cotija, fresh or adobera. It’s also usually accompanied with refried or whole beans, pork or beef.

Although La Morisqueta is native to the Tierra Caliente region, and more specifically to the city of Apatzingan, the dish can be found throughout Michoacan, and, of course, in its top tourist destinations such as Patzcuaro and Morelia. 

Other dishes from Michoacan you won’t want to miss

If you're traveling to Michoacan, aside from trying La Morisqueta, you’ll also want to taste some of their other traditional dishes available such as Tarascan Soup, Enchiladas Placeras, Carnitas, Corundas and Uchepos. Of course, these delicacies pair perfectly with any of the regions typical drinks: Charanda, Tuba, Mezcal or Rompope.

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Photo: Azteca America