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Pátzcuaro is a fascinating Pueblo Magico in Mexico. If you’re thinking of visiting during the winter months, or to spend a Christmas holiday with your family, here are some options for things to do in Patzcuaro at this time of year.

Visit an Arts & Crafts Market
In winter, it’s common to find handcrafted arts & crafts markets, where you can admire and purchase handicrafts from local artisans in Pátzcuaro and other regions of Michoacán. Here, the best handicrafts are carved in wood. You’ll find beautiful pieces, carefully crafted with local materials. The clay crafts are also popular, as well as gold-profiled lacquers, wools and rugs made from henequen. All the handmade pieces you’ll find at a “tianguis” market are made by artisans from Michoacán, locals who’ve inherited this trade and passed it down through family generations.

Enjoy its delicious cuisine
In winter, the temperature drops, and with a bit of cold you’ll feel like enjoying warm food and drinks. Good thing you'll be in Patzcuaro, where you can delight your palate with warm delicacies like Tarascan soup and all kinds of tamalitos fresh from the pot.

We highly recommend that you try the sweet donuts, which are ideal to combine with a hot chocolate, a corn masa atole drink or a grain atole. Any of these options will keep you warm, while you enjoy the delicious flavors of Patzcuaro.

Take a walk on the Patzcuaro Lake
Pátzcuaro Lake is the main attractions of the region, so it’s highly recommended that you navigate it by taking a boat ride. By doing so, you can observe the fishermen with their famous butterfly nets – an icon of Michoacán.

Patzcuaro Lake is home to several islands, Janitzio being the most visited. On Janitzio island, you’ll encounter a village with deep cultural roots, local handicrafts and exquisite local cuisine. Don’t forget to go up to the lookout located at the top of the statue of José María Morelos, although you must make the climb on foot, the fantastic panoramic views you’ll get are well worth the hike.

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Photo: TuriGuide México