House of the Eleven Patios

Pátzcuaro is one of the most fascinating Pueblo Magicos “Magic Towns” in Mexico. It’s a destination frozen in time, where its original architecture, typical cuisine and ancestral traditions can be enjoyed and admired in every street corner throughout the city. 

Speaking of traditions, one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Pátzcuaro and throughout the state of Michoacán, is the development of arts and handicrafts. The folk art of Pátzcuaro is very attractive in Mexico. The beautiful pieces are created with traditional methods that, in most cases, are passed down from generation to generation. They reflect the beliefs, lifestyle and idiosyncrasies of the pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico.

The charming House of the Eleven Patios is one of the main folk art centers in the city and is arguably the best place to visit in Patzcuaro for its deep artistic and architectural roots.
Located just a few steps from the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, the House of Eleven Patios is a building constructed during the mid-eighteenth century that was originally part of the Ex-Convent of Santa Catarina, belonging to the Dominican nuns. 

The House of Eleven Patios currently operates as a center for the exhibition and sale of regional folk art handicrafts where you can buy beautiful pieces made by local artisans and other municipalities near Pátzcuaro. Here you’ll encounter handicrafts made from gorgeous copper and wood, as well as colorful Mexican textiles, among other wonderful crafts. Also, if you are interested in creating your own arts and crafts in Patzcuaro, the House of the Eleven Patios offers handmade workshops by local artisans.

The name of the House of Eleven Patios place comes from its history. In the past, the building had eleven courtyards. Today, because a pedestrian street was opened, the courtyards were divided and there are only five remaining. Also, it’s said that there are tunnels here that lead to the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, located just a few blocks away, to the archaeological zone of Tzintzuntzan, and even to the town of Santa Fe de la Laguna.

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Photo: Visit Mexico