Traditional Food from Patzcuaro, Mexico

It’s known that Michoacan is one of the greatest places to try traditional Mexican food in the region. It’s known as one of the most diverse cuisines in Mexico and considered as the basic model for understanding the richness of the Mexican traditional cuisine. 

The region of Patzcuaro has delivered exquisite contributions to the Michoacan gastronomy. Its indigenous heritage and the beautiful Patzcuaro lake play an important role in the dishes that are created in its kitchens. 

If you’re wondering about the best Mexican food to eat in Patzcuaro, here are the typical Mexican dishes that you can’t pass up:

Tarascan Soup
Tarascan Soup is among the most familiar Mexican dishes of the traditional food of Pátzcuaro. This is a soup made from bay beans, chicken broth, tomato, fried tortillas and chili. The name “Tarascan Soup" emerged to pay homage to the people of the indigenous tribe of Michoacán, the Purépechas, who are also called "Tarascans".

White Fish
Besides having a remarkable landscape to view, the Pátzcuaro Lake also delivers a delicious white fish plate prepared in numerous different ways by the locals. The most common way to eat it White Fish is pickled or battered and deep fried. We recommend trying it both ways!

Corundas and Uchepos
Of course, the typical tamales of the Michoacan gastronomy can’t be missing from your menu. The corundas are tortilla chips usually stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables and the uchepos are tamales made of sweet corn that can be salty or sweet. Both are eaten with cream and hot salsa.

Rotten Pot
Although it does not sound appetizing, the Rotten Pot dish is delicious. This typical Mexican dish is a soup cooked with pulque that takes beef, pork and chicken, as well as numerous types of vegetables for a tasty traditional Mexican soup!

Enchiladas Placeras
Enchiladas are one of the most famous dishes in traditional Mexican food. They can be found throughout the country, though, with their respective variations depending on the region. The enchiladas placeras from Pátzcuaro are prepared with guajillo chile and they are filled with chicken, potatoes and carrots.

Now that you know what the best things to eat in Patzcuaro, enjoy tasting these delicious and traditional Mexican dishes on your next visit, we’re sure you’ll love it.

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Photo: Gastronomia Michoacana