Patzcuaro is a destination that alone is worth visiting, but in the areas surrounding Patzcuaro there are also other spectacular sites that we highly

Patzcuaro is a destination that alone is worth visiting, but in the areas surrounding Patzcuaro there are also other spectacular sites that we highly recommend a visit.

From islands and lakes, to millenary indigenous peoples, Michoacán is a beautiful state that has it all and the location of Patzcuaro is a privileged location for discovering many of these charms.

Places to visit around Pátzcuaro

Here are 5 excellent options for the best things to do near Patzcuaro, Mexico. Every item on the list is no more than 30 minutes away, so you can easily visit each one in a day trip. You can even visit more than one attraction on the same trip.

Islands of Pátzcuaro Lake

Of course, visiting the islands of Pátzcuaro Lake is one of our first recommendations. The island of Janitzio is the most famous, but there are also 8 more very interesting islands to visit. On these islands, you’ll find authentic villages with fascinating traditions continue on after hundreds of years.


Tzintzuntzan was the most important city of the Purépecha empire during pre-Hispanic times. Today, Tzintzuntzan is a charming Pueblo Magico (“Magical Town”) whose main attraction is its ancient archaeological zone. This Pueblo Magico is only a half hour drive from Patzcuaro.

Lake of Zirahuen

Although nearby, this body of water is completely different from Pátzcuaro Lake. It’s surrounded by a green forested area and is one of the most beautiful natural beauties of the state of Michoacán. It’s also located only half an hour from Patzcuaro.

Santa Clara del Cobre

This Pueblo Magico masterfully works copper from all the way back to pre-Hispanic times. The works that the artisan’s hammers create here have become famous worldwide for their incredible beauty. Santa Clara del Cabre is an excellent place to visit copper workshops and buy beautiful copper pieces, as well as to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Michoacan people.


Quiroga is located just a few more than half an hour away from Patzcuaro. It’s known mainly for its sale of handicrafts from all over the state. It’s also the cradle of delicious Michoacan-style carnitas.

Santa Fe de la Laguna

A few minutes from the town of Quiroga is Santa Fe de la Laguna, a pre-Hispanic town that is worth visiting because it faithfully preserves the customs of the Purepecha culture.

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Photo: Michoacán Travel