Pátzcuaro: A getaway full of history

Forget about the stress of the city and start planning a getaway to one of the most beautiful and full of history cities in Mexico, the city of Pátzcuaro in Michoacán state.

In the Pre-hispanic era, this Magical Town, was the most important ceremonial center of the Purépechas, an empire that was a Mesoamerican power and resisted the thrust of the Mexica Empire. It culture still remains alive in the beautiful art crafts, its delicious gastronomy and especially in its people, who keeps alive the Purépecha language, feeling proud of its indigenous roots.

This small and quiet city has a magic and very special charm, as it is not characterized by large tourist complexes, rather it is a place to live a few days of romanticism, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and in which you will feel like at home, thanks to the hospitality of its people.

During your visit there will be places, you won't want to miss, such as Plaza Vasco de Quiroga also known as well as Plaza Grande. Nearby you will find another favorite spot of tourists, Gertrudis Bocanegra Square, who was a very important person during the Independence movement.

Another of the most visited places in Patzcuaro is the former Convent of San Agustín, which was founded in 1576, inside you can admire a beautiful mural by the painter Juan O'Gorman, in which he represents the history of the Purépecha people.

Your weekend won’t be complete without trying the typical delights of this magical place, like the corundas or uchepos. And after tasting these delicious dishes, the tour continues in the numerous handicraft markets and then stopping by the Museum of Art and Popular Industries, home of the old San Nicolas College during the 16th century which was founded by Vasco de Quiroga. In this place, the Spaniards were prepared for priesthood at the same time they taught the Indians to perform different jobs.

Let yourself be embraced by the charm of this wonderful place and enjoy a weekend full of history and get to know a little more about the Purépecha culture.

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Photo from: Matador Network