Patzcuaro, death has more life than ever!

The city of Patzcuaro is dressed in colors during the veneration of their deceased beings, thousands of national and international visitors come together to meet the celebrations to death. This region is full of mysticism, it is a deeply rooted tradition on the part of the locals, the Purépechas.

The best is carried out on the night of November 1, but the preparations start from before. On the morning of November 1, the Purépechas begin to prepare the food that the deceased loved, and each member of the family participates in the process of this celebration.

Once everything is ready, it is time to go to the cemeteries, with everything necessary to decorate the tombstones of the loved ones. The most important cemetery is in Tzurumútaro, it is filled with visitors who will clean every corner of the place and are decorated with cempasúchil flower, candles, paper and cloud.

Each element within the altar of dead has a meaning, the candles illuminate their way to the world of the living, the most typical food and taste of the deceased beings, as well as mezcal and tequila and a bow that welcomes all the souls

Regardless of the weather that night, the Purépechas stay all night while they talk, dance and remind their loved ones that they are no longer with them. In other places near Lake Pátzcuaro, the same rituals are performed only that the traditional dance of the fishermen is also performed.

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Credit of the photo: Thelsa