How Patzcuaro Became a Pueblo Magico (“Magic Town”)

In the state of Michoacán, Mexico, you’ll find the idyllic Pueblo Magico of Pátzcuaro, but have you ever wondered what the requirements are for becoming a Pueblo Magico and how do Mexican "Magic Towns" achieve this status?

The Pueblo Magico program was created in 2001 by the Tourism Secretariat of Mexico and has been one of the most successful tourism programs to date in Mexico. The initiative seeks to recognize the small destinations in the country that have a rich historical and cultural value for incoming tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism defines a Pueblo Magico as: "A locality that has preserved its value and cultural heritage through time and before modernity and manifests this value through various expressions of its tangible and intangible heritage."

Not every destination can achieve the classification of Pueblo Magico, and not all that have already been recognized as such will remain that way forever. The towns in Mexico that hold the title of Pueblo Magico, or "Magic Town", must work to preserve their attributes so as not to lose this important designation.

Pátzcuaro: a Pueblo Magico 
Since 2002, the charming town of Pátzcuaro in Michoacán has met the requirements to be a Pueblo Magico and has remained that way since.

In addition to a fascinating historical and cultural heritage, ancient traditions, exquisite local cuisine, symbolic tourist attractions and natural beauty, Pátzcuaro has great connectivity and communication conditions, beneficial public health and safety services for tourists, a variety of activities and tourist products, as well as tourism development programs, to list a few. Pátzcuaro is also a destination where the Día de Muertos ("the Day of the Dead") traditions are lived with the greatest fervor and pride in Mexico every October and November.

For this and more, Pátzcuaro is classified a Pueblo Magico in the state of Michoacán and is a destination that you cannot miss in Mexico.

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Photo: Visit Mexico