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In Mexico, we have so many delightful Magical Towns, or "Pueblos Magicos". This is a recognition that is given to small town destinations that have preserved their cultural and historical richness over the years.

Despite the passing of time and modernity, these towns have managed to preserve their values and cultural heritage, manifesting it through their deep-rooted traditions and artistic expressions. 

Among the most fascinating Pueblos Magicos of Mexico is Pátzcuaro in Michoacán, a diverse and beautiful state in Mexico. It’s a town located on the shore of a lake where art, culture and history are combined with nature.

Making a New Year trip to Patzcuaro is a great idea to spend a different vacation with family or friends, while enjoying a traditional atmosphere, eating delicious and known more about the ancient Purépecha culture.

The center of Pátzcuaro, with its beautiful Plaza de Quiroga, is colorfully filled with piñatas, poinsettias, and lights that illuminate the balconies and Christmas trees.

You can smell the delicious aromas of food sold on the street such as tamales, hot chocolate and atoles. All of these mouthwatering delicacies are ideal to enjoy with the crisp climate that envelops the town during the winter.

Of course, it’s also a must to visit some of the main cultural venues in Patzcuaro, such as the House of Eleven Patios, where you can buy beautiful handicrafts directly from the hands of local artisans, or the Museum of Popular Arts and Industries as well as some of the religious temples like the Temple of the Tabernacle and the Temple and College of the Society of Jesus.

Lake Patzcuaro is the crown jewel of things to do, as it’s the largest body of water in the region. On Lake Patzcuaro, you’ll find fishermen with their large butterfly nets spreading wide in hopes of a bounty of fish and you can board a small boat to visit any of the several islands such as Janitzio, Pacanda or Jarácuaro.

To finish your trip, you should visit Tzintzuntzan, another town on the shores of Lake Patzcuaro, which in pre-Hispanic times became the most important city of the Purépecha empire.
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