During the Spanish conquest, hundreds of educated and distinguished Spaniards landed in Mexico with the intent of forming a new colonization.

The majority of Spaniards who arrived to the Mexican lands were not loved by the native locals, for they treated them badly and enslaved them, reducing them down to beasts.

In 1531, however, a character arrived who would become one of the most beloved Spaniards in Mexican history: Vasco de Quiroga.

Born in Ávila, Spain, Vasco de Quiroga was appointed by the King of Spain to be part of the “Audiencia” in Mexico. Upon his arrival, one of his first tasks was to send back the Spaniards who had mistreated the natives or even murdered some of the indigenous chiefs. Through these movements, Quiroga began to relate to the Mexican people, learning about their needs, and experiencing first hand their traditions and authentic affection they held for their people.

It didn’t take long for Vasco de Quiroga to become a dedicated defender for the rights and freedom of Mexico’s indigenous people, mainly carrying out his work in the modern day region of Michoacán. He became intrigued in the social structure of the people and aided in the development of hospitals on the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro, with the intention being to achieve a healthier and more dignified community.

Also known as "Tata Vasco", he was named bishop of Michoacán in 1537. With this new designation, he participated in the construction of the Morelia Cathedral and ordered the development of many localities, all concentrated near Lake Patzcuaro.

Today, the legacy of Vasco de Quiroga continues to be widely recognized throughout Michoacán and Patzcuaro, where the indigenous people most benefited from his passion for human welfare.

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Photo: Michoacán Travel