Day of the Dead is the most celebrated tradition in Mexico. It’s arguably more important than even Christmas or the national Mexican holidays.

Every year on November 1 and 2, Mexicans travel to famous and unique locations for the curious celebration of death that is part of one of the most deeply rooted traditions we have in Mexico. People from all over the world come to Mexico to experience this beautiful custom.

Although the Day of the Dead is celebrated in every corner of the country, Patzcuaro is a famous destination to experience this fascinating celebration. Due to Patzcuaro’s fascinating traditions that are preserved both on land and on the mysterious island of Janitzio, located on the lake of Patzcuaro. This island is the epicenter of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations in Patzcuaro.

According to legend, on the first two days in November, every soul that has passed away returns to reunite with their family and loved ones. To receive them, the family creates an altar where they give an offering of things their relative loved when they were living: beer, wine, tequila, pozole, mole, tacos, chocolate, etc. The Day of the Dead offerings are usually placed in the family home or in the mausoleum on the grave of the deceased. The altars are decorated with Mexican marigold flowers. The aroma and color of the marigolds are believed to attract souls and direct them towards the offering laid out for them.

Day of the Dead in Janitzio

Every November 1 and 2, the narrow streets of the island of Janitzio in Patzcuaro are filled with processions of people taking their offerings to the graveyard in front of the famous lake. It’s a spectacular sight to see the people arriving to the island in hundreds of small boats, illuminated by candlelight to celebrate the death and the life of their loved ones.

With all of its fascinating traditions, the Day of the Dead in Pátzcuaro and on the island of Janitzio has gained a renowned reputation and has cultivated a special meaning.

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