Archaeological area of ​​Tzintzuntzan

One of the main attractions of the town of Tzintzuntzan, located in the state of Michoacán, is its archaeological site. A place where you can see ruins of their empire, as well as a museum that shows the history of this place.

If you are visiting Pátzcuaro, we recommend you to take a trip around Tzintzuntzan, only 25 minutes away, which besides being known for its handicrafts, has this unique archaeological site, unique in the state.

This area is at the entrance of the village in a 6 square kilometer area surrounded by vegetation. It has 5 round pyramidal structures called Yácatas, which makes it a very attractive area. It is said that from this place the Purepechas took the political, economic, and religious decisions of their town, being this one of the most important points for its inhabitants and their culture. Thanks to its proximity to the Pátzcuaro Lake, Tzintzuntzan grew quickly, with the advantage of having a lake within reach that provided natural supplies.

Today this site is open to the public and although the ruins are somewhat worn out, it is worth visiting this place full of history. If you want to know the objects found in this ancient place, as well as its origin, you can visit the Museum of the site of the Yácatas, which offers guided tours or enter the archaeological site only for a very low cost of $46 pesos. Admissions are from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

This site is very well located, just in front of the handicrafts market, the Temple of Soledad and the Convent of Santa Ana, so you can visit the most important points of Tzintzuntzan in a single day.

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