Visit the beautiful Barranca Park in Uruapan Michoacan

A few steps from the center of Uruapan Michoacan is the Barranca Park, a beautiful natural setting enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike.

It is here the Cupatitzio River begins. Cupatitzio means “the river that sings for its falls” in the indigenous language, Purépecha. The origin of the river is known as "La Rodilla del Diablo” or The Devil’s Knee, an interesting name that comes from an ancient legend.  

All versions of this legend agree that around 1530 AD there was a great drought in the region. Juan Fray de San Miguel was journeying here to pray when the devil came out of a cave and tried to drive him away. The devil stumbled and when he fell, one knee hit the stone, breaking the ground so the water began to flow in that precise place. This river, the Cupatitzio, supplies water to Uruapan and becomes the Tzaráracua waterfall, about 10 km from the city.

This site, also known as Parque nacional de Uruapan, offers an enjoyable walk through cobblestone roads, surrounded by plants and trees, water, fountains and waterfalls that have been subtly re-directed so that they fall freely throughout the park. It’s important to wear comfortable shoes, bring a camera, and respect the flora and fauna that is found in your path.

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