?Janitzio? a classic movie from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema

For decades, the enigmatic island of Janitzio in the state of Michoacán has been the inspiration of plastic artists, writers, artistic creators and filmmakers. And it couldn’t be different, because, with its atmosphere full of mysticism and the beautiful lake of Pátzcuaro that surrounds it, Janitzio is a charming place that enchants everyone that sets foot on it.  

In 1934 "Janitzio" was premiered. It is one of several films from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema that chose this beautiful place as one of its protagonists. "Janitzio" was directed by Carlos Navarro and starred by a young Emilio Fernández, better known as "El Indio" Fernández, who later became one of the most important exponents of Mexican cinema, both in his role as actor and director.

El Indio Fernández plays Zirahuén, an indigenous man who has the exclusivity of fishing in the Pátzcuaro Lake and fights against those who seek to invade his work area. The situation is complicated when Manuel Moreno, a "white" salesman, falls in love with Eréndira, also an Indian and girlfriend of the protagonist, and based on intrigues manages to put the fisherman in jail. To release him, Manuel puts Eréndira on condition of spending a few days with him in Pátzcuaro, a demand that she accepts, however, this is not well taken by some of the villagers and the situation ends up having serious and dramatic consequences for the couple.

With a length of only 56 minutes, "Janitzio" shows the beauty of this Purépecha region full of traditions and the unconditional love that its inhabitants have for it. Feeling that lasts until today and this can be seen by all those who visit it.

After "Janitzio", which was the first movie filmed in Michoacán, El Indio Fernández was captivated by the beauty of the place and in 1948, already in his role as director, directed "Maclovia", a film set in Janitzio, starring Mexican movie icons María Felix and Pedro Armendáriz.

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