There are two main reasons to visit Quiroga, Michoacán: crafts and exquisite carnitas.

The town of Quiroga was founded in the pre-Hispanic era and named to honor the memory of Don Vasco de Quiroga, the illustrious and much-loved first bishop of Michoacan. Quiroga is located approximately 40 minutes north of Patzcuaro.

If you are traveling to Patzcuaro and are looking for some other nearby places to visit, Quiroga is a perfect option.
Things to do in Quiroga, Michoacan

There are two main attractions in Quiroga, Michoacan: crafts and carnitas.

FIrst, let’s talk about crafts. The main material used by artisans in Quiroga is wood. The wood is used to create a variety of objects such as toys, plates, trays, decorative boxes, guitars, necklaces, furniture and more. The town acts as an important craft center where you can purchase the different creations at wholesale prices.

Not all of the crafts are made from wood however, there are also many talented craftsmen who create beautiful embroidery and ceramic pieces.

Now, let us tell you about carnitas! Quiroga is the birthplace of the famous Michoacan carnitas, you simply cannot visit here without trying them! In case you don't know what carnitas are, the dish consists of a fatty pork which is cooked in a large copper pot. They are traditionally eaten as tacos, accompanied by a serrano pepper and lime salsa. They are delicious and abundantly available throughout Mexico, but hey, nothing compares to being able to eat the original carnitas of Michoacan.

The best carnitas are found in Quiroga’s Town Square, where the majority of vendors have gathered to prepare them. All you have to do is choose a place and savor the flavor of traditional Michoacan carnitas!

In addition to handicrafts and carnitas, we also recommend taking a walk through the town’s streets and visiting the Parish of San Diego de Alcalá - a Franciscan temple built in the 17th century.

On your next trip to Patzcuaro, don’t forget to include in your itinerary a visit to the town of Quiroga. It’s also a great opportunity to visit the archaeological zone of Tzintzuntzan, the most important pre-Hispanic city of the Purepecha empire, which is located just 15 minutes outside of Quiroga.

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Photo: Sabores Regionales